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Pet Cold Laser Therapy

Learn more about our pet cold laser therapy services below.

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Pet Cold Laser Therapy Care

The cold laser uses photochemical (not thermal) light therapy to stimulate cell growth. This stimulation of cell growth decreases inflammation which alleviates pain, provides rapid wound healing and tissue repair. It is a non-invasive treatment process for your pet.

Virtually any disease process that involves inflammation can be helped with laser therapy. One of the most common applications of laser therapy in veterinary medicine is musculoskeletal disease and injury. The laser is effective in helping injured muscles heal more quickly, as well as improving the function of muscles that have been strained secondary to arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other injuries. Dogs recovering from orthopedic surgery benefit from laser treatment, as inflammation and pain are decreased while the circulation improves. Wounds and incisions heal more quickly when treated with the laser.

Low-level laser therapy can easily be integrated into your pet’s veterinary care. Because treatment is painless and quick, even the most nervous animal can be easily treated. In fact, many animals feel more comfortable after just a few minutes of treatment.